My Writing Roots


'The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet' ~ Aristotle

My writing roots aren't very long as yet but they are continuously growing.

I began writing when I was just thirteen, starting with teen horror, influenced by the amazing Point Horror books. There is however, photographic evidence of moir sitting at a self made desk (parents coffee table), sun hat on and pen in mouth deep in thought at the tender age of Five.

That moment there may have been the true beginnings of my writing calling.

My first full story (I am able to recall) was 'The Milkman'. A story based in my childhood home town of Addlestone in Surrey and began in my neighbours driveway.

'If you hear the milk bottles rattle before the bird song, hide!'

Milk bottles don't rattle! I can hear the youngsters cry now and I am not even sure if the traditional milkman on a battery run float still exists!

Come to think of it, this little story may soon be a recollection of a historic pastime.

Every word was handwritten with a 2b pencil on A4 lined paper. I can remember putting my head down after school, writing continuously and coming up to sleep around 2am; my hand would not stop turning letters into words!

I watched an interesting genre of television programs such as Tales From The Crypt, Are you afraid of the dark and Erie Indiana growing up so it makes perfect sense that I wrote similar style stories and lots of them.

A favourite subject of mine to write about remains real life situations. One of my short story books 'The Sleepover' is about an actual sleepover I had for a birthday where I recalled all the local ghost stories my dad told us over popcorn and cola.

I passed this down to my daughter who still has a copy on her bookshelf despite it being printed simply on A5 paper, stapled in three places on the left hand side.

I only remember reading ONE book in full during my entire life 'The Doughnut Factory' I remember this one purely because it was necessary for me to read it to my teacher who was flipping beautiful. I was eleven years old and in Love with Mr Milne. Never read a full book since.

I pulled out of my English Literature Exam because there was far too much reading involved and I had no interest in the content of these books I was presented with and what can only be described as being in a foreign language!

Looking through all the above, it is amazing to have even considered writing stories at all. My English teacher was the first person to really highlight any talent I was unaware of. I received high marks, grades and many House Points for my short story projects at secondary school, I had a wild imagination and best of all I loved telling stories verbally so I just had to find enthusiasm to put what I had to say onto paper.

Here we are today. It took fifteen years to complete my first two books, due to the nature of the real life storyline, but I remain hooked and can't seem to get enough time to write. My brain is always in creative overdrive and I have a ton of note books for all the magic I have to write down.

So stick alongside me while my writing roots take shape and grow into a tree which the pages of my books will be written on. 

This is the beginning!

'Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees'

~ J. Willard Marriott ~