My Background


'We're all stories in the end'

Writing about your self is not the easiest thing to put your mind to. It has never been something that comes naturally to me but I had looked forward to the challenge.

I began with a very normal, somewhat average, childhood compared to the experiences of others I have met over the years so, I am very appreciative of my amazingly average parents.

I loved growing up in Addlestone, Surrey. My home was surrounded by children who were, conveniently, exactly the same age as me which meant we were in the same year at school.

My poor little sister however, had a choice of one friend to my ten and was often found tagging behind us older kids. I feel terrible now especially after the time I walloped her with baseball bat during a game, leaving her with a scar in the same place as mine. My scar came for the lack of law surrounding seat belts during the early 80's. 

My friends and I would jump on the bus at 10 years old, visit the next town, pop to Woolies and buy Christmas presents for the entire family with only three English pounds.

We decorated an abandoned caravan in the field behind our house and used it as a base, we slept in tents made from breeze block bricks with fence panels as a roof and used sheets and blankets as sides. Three of those together was basically a rustic pod house. We were chased by 'Babushka'; a crazy old man who lived in a bungalow in the close, wore wellies all the time and rode a push bike. We made go carts from pram wheels and old wooden planks. We spent a lot of time ghost hunting, pretending to smoke with rolled up news paper, learning dance routines, playing knock-down-ginger and 40/40 on the green.

As I got older I did all the normal teen things, I got drunk at my fourteenth birthday disco party, listened to pirate radio stations, sent in shout outs and recorded them on to a cassette. Then boys happened!

This is the part where you read the book 'BoyGirl' to find out about the 'boy era'.

This was the time that our, previously amicable, friendships became delicate and challenging, jealousy was rife and we all had mobile phones so we rarely went to each others houses any more.

Notice I still haven't mentioned reading or books yet.

Never been a great reader, (still not if I'm honest) but I have such an imaginative mind oozing creativity that it needed an outlet. Find out more about my writing roots on the page.

I am now married with a daughter and two step children, a step granddaughter three dogs and two cats all in Wiltshire country side.

I am a registered manager of an Extra Care Housing scheme now but my list of work experience is extensive; from selling boats and engines to helping with the 2011 census, working in maternity units and surgery to cab controlling and bar work. I have been in the carer industry for over 14 years and had a small craft and craft party business in my spare time. I always have to be busy but my head never felt empty until I got back into writing and so here I am trying to learn about and be me because, lets face it, who else can I really be?