Will there be a follow up to GirlBoy?

Yes, one day! Due to the nature of the book we are bound by current relationships and have been unable to discuss the next book  to date.  

Do you only write stories?

No. I have submitted articles to various sites, written commission poems for weddings and special occasions and, on my family history, once I have traced a line I compose their story.

Are your books available in paperback?

I have printed some books in the past with an amazing  German company, however, they stopped printing in the UK so I am still looking for alternatives. Funding for printing has also been an issue up till know. The down side of self publishing!

What do you do while you write?

Eat mostly! Usually crisps with a cup of tea but if I'm not in the right mood for writing I just eat the crisps and find something else to do for a while.

Have any other questions?

Why don't you contact me through social media and ask me anything!